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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Power of the Mind

Boy, has it been a while.

I have become acutely aware of the power of my mind recently. I suffered some rather serious cognitive issues during my recent relapses, which took a major toll on my blogging efforts. I decided that rather than submitting substandard blogs, I would take a short hiatus. During this period of recovery, I become rather acutely aware of the power of my mind to control my every move. I started to question myself. I started to wonder whether I had the ability to blog at all anymore, and whether I would ever be able to again. I spent months questioning my abilities, in fact. I became convinced that I would never be able to string 5 words together again, let alone compose a blog that would be of interest to my fellow MS sufferers.

Then, I started to realize that this is the monster. This is what it does. Right?

Isn't this exactly what this monster wants? To control us? To take away our power? To make us feel less than our real selves? To question our every move? To feel as though we will never be able to function like we used to? This is what MS is capable of doing, if we allow it to.

This period of recovery has been my longest, in my 8 years with this disease. I would be lying if I said it was easy. It was difficult, long and painful. I am climbing up out of my recent relapse still. I am determined. I am strong. I am not alone. I know you are all here with me, as you have always been, and I am strengthened by that knowledge. The one thing I always return to with this illness is that we are truly one, and we are never alone. If we can just recall that we are all in this battle together, we are able to fight this. Even on those lonely, dark days. Try to hold on. You will get through this, just like I did...I promise.

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