Excellent Ms Blog List

I have decided to add some links to a few wonderful MS blogs I have found. I hope to direct readers to the sites of other authors of MS blogs around the world. These blogs contain accurate, well written, personal information on the topic of MS. Enjoy!

Carnival of MS Bloggers: Created by Lisa Emrich: This is a brilliant compilation of hundreds of MS related blogs, covering just about every topic you can imagine. This incredible site features a chosen blog monthly, and keeps an archive of alphabetically arranged blogs. What an amazing collection- please check it out!! http://www.msbloggers.com

Wheelchair Kamikaze: Written by Marc Stecker, this blog is the ultimate MS related blog, and I am always in awe of the author’s ability to capture the feelings and experiences of someone living with MS. Marc has been writing for many years, and his blog contains a wealth of information on just about any topic related to MS. He includes video diaries of life in a wheelchair around New York City. The site can be found at: http://www.wheelchairkamikaze.com/

Dan and Jennifer Digmann: Dan and Jennifer are an amazing, inspirational couple who both have MS. Their site is beautifully constructed, and allows readers a first hand look into their lives, and how they succeed and overcome despite the odds. Both Dan and Jennifer are excellent writers, and I would highly recommend their site! They can be found at: http://danandjenniferdigmann.com

MSsymptoms.me: I came across a wonderful blog written by Melissa Cook, and her personal website is located at http://www.mssymptoms.me/. Melissa has written a collection of blogs about various MS related topics. Her posts are heartfelt and meaningful, giving readers a look into the life of an MS patient. Well done, Melissa!

Dontmswithmeblog: Andrea gives a first-hand perspective of life with MS, and always includes a touch of humor. Her blog is touching, accurate and entertaining, giving readers excellent insight into a life with MS. Her site can be found at:https://dontmswithmeblog.wordpress.com

My New Normals: Nicole Lemelle: Nicole is a chemist and nurse with MS who has created an amazing blog. Nicole has received a great deal of media attention for this wonderful blog, and has drawn much attention to the topic of life with MS. Her site can be found at:

ToMSturf: Tom Kelly: Tom has compiled a wonderful collection of MS related personal stories of patients through challenges and triumphs. These personal stories help any MS patient realize that we are all connected and experiencing many of the same issues. I just love reading these beautifully written, touching stories, and Tom’s site is an amazing place to see a large collection. Well done!
Tom’s Bike MS site: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=2056013&fr_id=25729&pg=personal

Invisible Multiple Sclerosis: Suzanne Robins: Suzanne is a freelance writer and author of the book “Faulty Wiring: Living With Invisible MS.” Suzanne has put together an absolutely beautiful site, with a personal blog, videos, and a tremendous amount of MS information. Her site is a one-stop shop for anyone needing information on this disease, and I would highly recommend checking it out. The site can be found at:

Alice’s Ascent: The Road to Kilimanjaro: Alice Rawsthorne: Alice is a Linguistics and English Language student in her final year at Edinburgh University. She has written a collection of beautiful MS related blogs in honor of her aunt with MS. Alice is fundraising currently for a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015, with proceeds benefitting the MS Society UK. Her page can be found at:
http://alicesascent.com. Thank you Alice!!

My Counterpane: Kate Milliken: A beautiful site, with a specific focus on the emotional aspects of MS. Readers can enjoy beautifully written blogs, helpful videos from real patients, and an emotion-oriented library of helpful information based on our current moods and feelings. The site can be found at:

Modern Day MS: Beth Prystowsky: Beth, a mother, wife, writer and yoga instructor, has created a beautiful MS related site. This site includes numerous personal accounts of living with MS, articles, and medical information. Beth’s site also includes an “ask Beth” forum where readers can ask MS related questions and receive answers. This is an incredible place for MS patients to get support and information. Check it out!

The Pain Free Life: The Painfree life was started by Jennifer, who was diagnosed with MS in 2008.  Having to deal with chronic pain due to scoliosis as she moved into her 30s and then to be diagnosed with MS, Jennifer found there was not a reliable source for patients coping with pain to visit online. Because of this, Jennifer decided to start her own.

Welcome To The PainFree Life!

Chin Up Club: Tiffany has created an amazing blog and website that includes very informative and uplifting blogs, as well as a community for MS patients. She is an amazing writer, and truly captures the essence of life with MS in her blogs. She can be found at:
ChinUp.club and

Nutty P’s Blog by: Ewen Marshall: Ewen is a blogger from Scotland who I have come to know through Twitter. Ewen’s blog is an extremely powerful description of daily life with MS. He vividly describes his symptoms and experiences in an open, honest way, and includes a dash of humor, creating a perfect combination. His writing is entertaining, informational, and powerful. Check out his blog here! http://www.nuttyp.co.uk/blog/

Off to search for more incredible blogs! I will add more in the near future. Let me know if you come across a great MS blog, and I will add it to the list!