Know Why the Nail Activator Is a Critical Ingredient of the Dip Powder Kit

Dip powder manicure is one of the favored manicures today, with more young women preferring to have it. So, if you are familiar with dip nails, you must have heard about the activator and its significance in a dip powder manicure. What is the activator in a dip powder kit, and what is its importance? Let us discuss these aspects in detail in this article.

What Is a Dip Powder Nail Activator?

Know Why the Nail Activator Is a Critical Ingredient of the Dip Powder Kit

What separates these new nail manicure techniques like dip powder, acrylic, and gel polish from the traditional nail polish? First, all these manicures last longer than conventional nail polish. Besides, these new-age manicures have greater luster and look more attractive.

The activator is a crucial ingredient of the dip powder manicure, similar to the UV lamp we use for gel nail procedures. The nail activator is indispensable whenever you decide to have OPI dip nails because it helps the dip powder bond well with the basecoat and thus strengthens the manicure.

Everyone knows that UV exposure is essential to cure gel polish. Similarly, the activator is necessary for a dip powder manicure. The activator is an integral ingredient of the OPI dip powder kit. It comprises a clear liquid and is applied similarly to regular nail polish. In addition, the liquid activator contains chemical elements that help the dip powder stick to the basecoat and form chemical bonds that contribute to the manicure’s longevity.

The activator prepares the nail for the topcoat application. Please ensure to use a high-quality nail activator that does not react with the topcoat. So, we advise using the activator that is supplied with the OPI dip powder kit.

What Is the Dip Powder Nail Activator Made Of?

Dip powder nail activator has various chemical ingredients in different concentrations. They comprise a mixture of acrylates, ketones, methacrylate, oxides, and esters. However, these chemical compounds do not cause harm to the nail.

The acrylates provide resistance to heat, chemicals, and water. The ketones are generally used in UV reactive applications like topcoats. In addition, methacrylate is used as a solvent for forming polymers.

How Do You Apply the Activator?

A dip powder manicure starts with a basecoat application. You have the dip powder sprinkled on top of the basecoat. The powder sticks to the nail but does not bond to deliver the required shine. So, you apply the nail activator over the dip powder layer that helps bind the chemicals in the dip powder with the basecoat. Please note that you can have another layer of dip powder over the activator. Under such circumstances, you must have another activator layer over each dip powder layer.

Advantages of a dip powder nail activator

Using the nail activator has its benefits. Let us discuss them in detail.

  1. Everyone knows the drawbacks of UV exposure in gel nail polish. In contrast, the nail activator used in a dip powder procedure has no adverse health effects.
  2. The acrylic nail polish manicure requires a lot of time to cure. But, the nail activator allows the dip powder manicure to cure within a few seconds of applying it. Hence, the dip nail activator saves valuable time.
  3. The activator is a primary ingredient of the OPI dip powder kit. On the other hand, you purchase the UV lamp separately, which costs substantially more than the activator.

So, as far as nail curing is concerned, the activator is a better alternative.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Have the Activator?

The prime responsibility of the activator is to bind the dip powder to the basecoat and allow it to stick to the nails. So, if you do not have the activator, the dip powder would remain loose and fall off easily while rinsing your hands. The manicure will end up as fingers coated in dip powder. It will not last long. The nail activator is the prime ingredient that allows the dip powder manicure to last three to four weeks.

Is There an Alternative to the Nail Activator?

Usually, the use of the nail activator is crucial for OPI dip nails. However, if you are allergic to the specific chemical compounds in the activators, you can try using 99% isopropyl alcohol or even acetone to cure the dip powder nails. But these alternative products are not as effective as the nail activator. That explains why the activator is vital to any OPI dip powder kit.

Final Thoughts

A dip powder manicure has become the favorite of people today because of its inherent health benefits. The process does not require any exposure to UV radiation. Besides, the nail activator binds the powder to the basecoat and the nail. Thus, they enhance the longevity of the manicure.