How to Choose Your Nail Polish to Suit Your Outfit

There is no doubt that your outfit defines who you are. However, you should also know that the nail polish you choose has a tremendous bearing in adding to the attraction quotient. That does not mean you should match your outfit, like red nail polish for a red dress, etc. We shall look at different ways to pick your nail polish to suit your outfit and the occasion.

Best Nail Polish to Suit Your Outfit

So, it does not matter which color outfit you wear. You can find a nail polish color to suit it accordingly. OPI nail polish offers you an exciting range of OPI colors for you to choose from.

Best Nail Polish to Suit Your Outfit

Color blocking is a good idea

Color blocking is an excellent idea if you need to match your outfit with your nail polish. For example, you have colors like red and green or blue and yellow that look contrasting. However, they combine beautifully and look fabulous when you pair them together.

So, if you wear a red-colored dress, you can easily match it with a green shade on your nails to look contrasting and beautiful simultaneously. Though the ideal color match for the red dress is a red nail shade, you can try to be different from the rest and stand apart. Instead of walking down the trodden path, you could set the trend for others to follow.

A lot depends on whether you wear plain or printed garments

Much depends on what type of dress you wear. If you have a printed design on your garments, your choice of OPI nail polish should be different than what you choose for a plain design. For example, nail art looks fantastic if you have plain clothes. They form the perfect contrast and make your nails stand out.

On the other hand, having nail designs when wearing a printed garment looks odd and out of place. Therefore, fashion experts advise you to keep out the nail art designs when wearing printed clothes.

Besides, when going for colorful nail art, it is better to stick to one specific color tone and match your outfit. If you experiment too much, you might end up looking less attractive. However, you can try out different shades if you are on vacation and wearing casual garments.

Match your nail colors with your accessories

Matching your OPI colors with your outfits is one aspect, but it is also essential to match your accessories. For example, if you have a leather-colored handbag, it suits you to go for beige-colored nail polish. On the other hand, wearing a deep red shade can look awkward. Similarly, if you wear shining gold ornaments, you can match them by having a dash of gold on your nails.

Matching your nail polish colors with your accessories brings in the sense of uniformity. It is essential, especially when you wear formal clothing for a business meet or a board meeting. When you go for an interview, it is always better to wear gel nail polish colors that match your outfit and not contrast with it.

The basic nail polish colors always look good

It would not be possible to match your OPI nail polish colors perfectly with your outfit every time. So, if you are not very sure how to match the outfit with your nails, it is good to stick to the basics and choose the basic nail polish colors.

The basic shades include the pink or milky white nudes, the French manicures, and the light pinks and peach colors. If in doubt, you should stay away from dark colors like deep reds and dark browns.

Wear the right shade to suit the occasion

You do not wear black clothes to a wedding. Therefore, you should not have any shade of black on your nails when you attend a wedding. Instead, it is advisable to choose light colors like white, light pink, yellows, or even light shades of blue and green.

Similarly, wearing bright and attractive red shades would not be proper when attending an official meeting. You could end up cornering all the attention that could impact your performance in the meet. However, there are no such problems when you wear deep reds for the Valentine’s Day dance party. It would be great to have all eyes at the party glued to you so that you remain the center of attraction.

Final Thoughts

While it is essential to look attractive and grab everyone’s attention, you should be careful to choose colors that suit the occasion. We have discussed some excellent options to match your OPI nail colors with your outfits. A perfect match can add to your attraction quotient and make people admire your presence. So, choose your OPI colors carefully and create the perfect balance between your nail polish colors and your outfits.