A Complete Skincare Routine to Be Done at Different times of the Day

There is a common conception that skincare routines are meant to be done at night. This is what all influencers on social media try to portray. While night skincare routines are always beneficial and no one is denying that, it’s not a compulsion that you do your skincare only at night. It can be done at any time during the day and there are a number of products that are formulated to work at a particular instant in the 24 hours. In this guide, we’ll talk about all the skincare steps you can perform at various times during the day and get a beautiful, healthy skin.

Skincare Routine at Different times

First thing to do in the morning

Getting up from a nap, the first thing you should do is to wash your face. During the night, a lot of oils accumulate into your skin especially if your skin is oily. These are supposed to be washed off and cleansed properly. You can try out a mattifying and gentle face wash or cleanser for this purpose.

Similarly, if you have dry skin, it may show signs of flakes and dry patches in the morning. So, for your face you should use a good foaming and gentle cleanser. For your body, choose the best soap for dry skin to wash off skin and make it softer. This step will preserve the natural balance of hydration, making your skin soft and nourished.

The best products to be used during the day

As you hop into the shower, make sure you use a moisturizing shower gel that keeps your body clean and fresh all day. You can also use a good quality organic scrub all over your body. Once you are done, apply a lotion or moisturizer all over your body. Now there is a problem that a lot of people with darker skin tone have to face. The exposure to excessive heat and sun during the day makes them lose moisture and hydration during the day, making their skin excessively flaky. For them, a body lotion for black skin will be the best option. Using it after the shower will help in sealing the moisture in the cells and keep it hydrated all day.

The essential evening products for indoors and outdoors

During the evening, if you are planning to stay outdoors, there are few things you should remember. Don’t forget to grab your sunscreen with you whenever you leave your home. Apply it generously on all the exposed areas of your body. Also apply a good serum on your face and a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated during your long walks.

When you are opting to spend your evening indoors, you can put on a hydrating face mask as you prepare your dinner and perform other house chores.

Best night routine for all skin types

Coming over to the most anticipated and loved time of the day to perform a skincare routine. As you head over to go to your bed in the evening, make a good touch up to your skin. Apply a good serum and moisturizer along with a night cream. You should also apply eye cream during the night if you experience dark circles. All the products that have a duration of action of more than 4 hours should be a part of your night skincare.


Whenever you are filling up your skincare basket, try to get a product to be used at almost every time of the day. Remember, skin care can be done anytime and there are no boundaries or rules for it. Whatever and whenever you want to look and feel good, a little skin care is always a good idea.