Various Ways of Removing Kiara Sky Powder Colors from Your Nails

While women have been using different nail polishes for centuries, dipping powder manicures are a recent phenomenon. Acrylic and gel manicures have been the flavor of women globally. However, with dipping powder, women have taken to it like a fish to water. Today, you have maximum women preferring dip powder manicures to others, like gel and acrylic.

One of the crucial benefits of dipping powder over acrylic is that it does not involve UV lamps for curing nail polish. Besides lasting as long as acrylic and gel polish manicures, dipping powder manicures are comparatively easier to remove. This article discusses how to remove dip powder manicures at home comfortably.

How to remove dip powder manicure using acetone?

Acetone is the most potent nail removing solution available today. It is the ideal nail polish remover for your Kiara Sky dip powder colors, but it has its disadvantages. We shall discuss the procedure and the demerits in detail.

Dipping your nails in acetone allows the polish to dissolve and slide off easily. However, acetone has dehydrating properties. Hence, it is not advisable to expose your skin to acetone to remove the water content and make the skin dry.

The best way to use acetone is to dip cotton balls and place them over the nails. Before doing so, it is better to scrape away as much dip powder polish topcoat as you can to reduce the soaking time. Simultaneously, it is advisable to take care not to scrape off too much of the polish and injure the nail bed.

On placing the cotton balls soaked in acetone on your nails, you can seal them with aluminum wraps to ensure they stay in place. The soaking time depends on the quantity of dip powder on your nails. Generally, a 20-minute soak should suffice to remove your dip powder residue.

As you remove the aluminum wrap, the polish residue slides off the nails comfortably. If there is any residue left, you have to repeat the process.

Exposure to acetone can cause dehydration of your nails. Hence, it is better to hydrate them before you go for the next manicure. A week’s gap should prove enough for your nails to recuperate. Meanwhile, you can massage your nails gently with cuticle oil to help in the rehydrating process. You can then proceed to buy Kiara Sky dip powder and go for a fresh manicure.

How to remove dip powder manicures without using acetone?

There are several ways to remove Kiara Sky powder nails without using acetone. These processes can take more time, but they do not dehydrate the nails.

Using Alcohol

You must be having alcohol in your home. A bottle of vodka that is left unused after Christmas can prove beneficial to remove dip powder manicures. Even the sanitizer that you use extensively during the pandemic contains alcohol. Hence, they can also help in the nail polish removal process.

While the nail polish removing procedure is similar, you should ensure that you select the purest alcohol forms for the best outcomes. It is better to trim the nail’s upper layer before soaking your nails in the solution. Compared to acetone, alcohol is an inferior product. Hence, it can take more time to dissolve the nail polish. It is also advisable to use a mask as exposure to alcohol fumes can make you feel sick.

Using Distilled White Vinegar

If you consider alcohol too precious to use for removing nail polish, you have an excellent alternative in distilled white vinegar.

While vinegar can remove Kiara Sky powder colors better than alcohol, the acidic content in vinegar can harm your nails. Instead of using cotton balls as you do in the acetone removal process, you can soak your nails in the vinegar solution directly for about twenty minutes. It is enough for dissolving the dip powder coating. You can wipe your nails clean with a paper towel.

Though the process is convenient, it is not recommended because it can damage your Kiara Sky powder nails.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Though hydrogen peroxide can remove nail polish effectively, it can bleach your hands and cause the palms to turn white.

The procedure involves dissolving hydrogen peroxide powder to warm water. Soaking your nails for about 25 minutes should prove sufficient to remove the nail polish entirely. You can use paper towels to wipe your hands clean.

Using Toothpaste

Your toothpaste can prove handy in removing dip powder residue from your nails. You can mix some baking soda in toothpaste and apply it over the nails. After some time, you can wipe it out using a paper towel.


A crucial point to note in all the procedures discussed here is that you should have a week’s gap after the nail polish removal procedure. It allows the nail to heal naturally and be ready for the next dip powder manicure.