Best Way to Care for Daith Piercing: Help Your New Piercing Heal

Best Way to Care for Daith Piercing

Thinking, “why is your daith piercing still raw?” A daith piercing takes approximately 9 months to heal, whereas a pierced earlobe takes a maximum of two months.

Daith piercings add a subtle style to the inner ear cartilage by adorning it with a hoop. Some people get it for embellishment, where few believe that it helps with migraines. As it is in a typical position, caring and healing require more attention and patience.

The cartilage fold where the inner ear and outer ear meet is where daith piercings are made. It is thick to penetrate and curved, making it an inflexible place. All these factors add more healing time as the place is sensitive and piercing goes through a thicker portion of the ear. Getting this piercing as well as maintaining it is while healing takes considerable time.

What is the healing time for daith piercing?

The good news is this piercing is not as painful as other soft skin piercings but does cause discomfort. Once pierced, you are left with dull aching pain for several weeks. Touching them can aggravate pain, and this remains throughout the healing period, which lasts for 9 months. However, you might touch the piercing during your daily activities such as cleaning or wearing clothes, changing earrings, and so on. Do not worry; you can simply numb it using a topical anesthetic.

Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Spray

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This soothing spray is not only numbing but also helps with the healing itch and swelling also. It is a fast-acting spray that starts acting in 2-3 minutes after spraying it and gives complete relief in 20-25 minutes. You can enjoy a social event or cuddling with your loved ones as its effect lasts for an hour and gives you effective relief.

Tips to help heal the daith piercing quickly

There are several healing tips on daith piercings, but the below three is what you need to implement without fail to quicken the healing process.

Cleaning the piercing

Using antibacterial soap for piercings for cleaning is usual. However, the daith piercing is in a tricky area using a soap might not be the best option. You can consider gentle liquid cleaners as below.

Claire’s Ear Piercing Rapid 3 Week After Care Lotion Cleanser for New Piercings

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The rapid healing cleanser offers the dual advantage of quick healing and cleaning the piercing and keeping it infection-free. It is having a gentle formulation with balanced Ph levels. Since it is approved by dermatologists, you can use it worry-free.

Saline solution

Soaking the piercing in saltwater gives it the much-required relief from swelling and pain.[2] It also naturally promotes healing. If you are at home, you can use the homemade solution, but when you are on the go, you need something you can use instantly.

Urban ReLeaf Piercing Solution – Healing Sea Salts & Tea Tree AFTERCARE

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This sea salt and tea tree solution cleans, disinfects, and heals the piercings using the medicinal properties they inherited from nature. You can opt for this product when you do not have the sea salt available in your area, as iodized salts do not count for saline solutions. Moreover, you need not worry about the sterilization of this saline solution.

Antiseptic swabs

Despite careful attention, piercings are prone to infections. Antiseptics come to our rescue to deal with infections. Mouthwash for lip piercing serves to heal an infected area using the antiseptic properties in it. However, the application of antiseptic is not as easy as said for inner ear piercing.

Tattoo Goo X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Swabs Piercing Aftercare

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These innovative swabs come loaded with antiseptic, which disinfects your piercing gently using the germicidal action. The unique shape of these swabs allows the no-touch application. It does not cause any stinging sensation and also helps in healing the scars.


Daith piercings are made in the inner ear, where the outer ear acts as a protecting cushion while you sleep. This allows you to sleep on the piercing after two months even though it is not entirely healed. Having daith piercings is a lot of work, but those who say it’s worth it for all the delicate beauty it adds to your ear and overall appearance.