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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Guest Blog: How to Choose a Great Neurologist!

I was recently contacted by an organization which aims to connect neurological patients with local neurologists, helps with choosing treatments, and even provides a health "concierge" service. www.utilizehealth.co is an amazing resource for any MS patient who struggles with finding a competent provider in the local area, or who might need assistance with basic medical issues such as appointment scheduling, billing, and even transportation to appointments. It is free to register with the site and find local providers, and there is a subscription option for those who would like to take advantage of the health concierge service. Please check out the guest blog below, written by one of the patient advocates from utilizehealth, Carrie. This is a post aimed at choosing the right neurologist.

Tips for Choosing a Neurologist
By Carrie Redmon

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with MS or have been dealing with the nuances of MS for quite some time, consider these tips and questions when choosing a neurologist or when considering switching to a different neurologist.

Consider reaching out to any friends of yours who may also have MS or who you have possibly met through a support group or community forum.  Ask them who they see.  Chances are someone in your network of friends already has some suggestions for who may be best suited in your area.
Consider a neurologist who specifically treats those with MS.  As I’m sure many of you know, neurologists can treat a variety of conditions only one which happens to be MS.  But there are a select few who are specifically knowledgeable of all things MS.  Even though you may not find one in your town, chances are there is one within driving distance of your home.
Ask your insurance provider for a list of neurologists in your network.
Once you have narrowed down a list of potential candidates begin researching them.  Research their credentials, reviews written by other patients, their gender, and research the current practice they work for or hospital system.  Does it have good reviews and/or patient satisfaction scores?
As always it’s good to evaluate their communication style as well.  Will your personalities click?  Or will you find yourself struggling to relate to their style of communication?

Keep in mind this decision is YOUR DECISION.  Getting a second opinion is never a bad idea when making difficult decisions that affect your treatment plan.  Always trust your instincts!

Carrie Redmon is a Patient Advocate with Utilize Health.  Utilize Health, a healthcare company that helps patients with neurological conditions locate and engage with rehabilitation facilities, offers a free web platform that matches patients to facilities based on their needs and preferences.  For more information about their services or to register for FREE visit www.utilizehealth.co.  

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